how to remove debt review from ITC

We have over 10 years experience in removing consumers from debt review on ITC normally a consumer will be required to finish paying all their debts while under debt review before  an accredited debt counsellor can issue the clearance certificate, once you have fully paid off your all creditors, the clearance certificate will be sent to your Credit Providers, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the Credit Bureau/ITC. Consequently the Credit Bureaus will remove the debt counselling flag from your profile which would allow you access to credit again. we can fast track debt review removal process faster without having to settle your debts first.


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About our services


We are specialists in: 

- Cancellation of Debt Review with or without a court order 

- Debt Mediation, Negotiation and Settlement

- Rescission of Magistrate Court Judgments 

- Rescission of High Court Judgments 

- Rescission of Administration Orders 

- Removal of trace alert listings

- Removal of default listings 

Services we specialize in

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