Noko financial services is a trusted body of professionals with legal experts and experience in the Itc clearing and Debt Review industry who came together after realizing that consumers often find themselves in a debt spiral. After years of undergoing Debt Review, and finally becoming debt-free, people often struggle with getting rid of the Debt Review flag on their credit profile.

At Noko financial services we will assess your financial position. With the information we can gather from your Debt Counsellor, credit report then we will compare your income and expenditure. So if you’re no longer over-indebted as a result of debt review, a salary increment, or a promotion, or if your debt review status is adversely affecting your career path or economic freedom, Debt Review Cancellation is just here for you! a lot of consumer are also not aware that even when a court order was obtained that you can still qualify for early termination of debt review provided that you have paid off some accounts our legal experts will advice of the best method to remove you from debt review depending on your own individual circumstances.  

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