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Consumer protection act states that complaints can be lodged either by contacting the national credit regulator(NCR) through their number directly or by visiting their website and filling in a complaint application forms, it also important to do an ncr credit check first to ensure you are under debt review, the debt counselor can easily do this on the ncr debt help system( If you are having challenges with debt review or debt review removal, a credit provider, PDA or Ncr registeredDebt Counsellor then you probably have thought about complaining but who to complain to? hello peter is not the only platform to complain there are other ways, in South Africa all complaints against registrants under the National Credit Act (Debt Counsellors, Creditors and Credit Bureaux) fall under the jurisdiction of the National Credit Regulator(NCR).

The main role players in the Complaints Resolution Process are the complainant this is a consumer who has suffered prejudice by the debt counsellor or Representative and has decided to lodge a written complaint against that Debt Counsellor or Representative.

Respondent - The Debt Counsellor or Representative against whom the complaint is made.

Unfortunately the NCR will not be able to assist in removing you if the debt counselor has followed all the necessary and correct steps to place you under debt review in that case you will have to either settle all your accounts and obtain a clearance certificate from the debt counselor. sometimes this easily said than done as many debt counselors are no longer in operation, Our company has experts who can advice you on how to go about removing debt review flag before accounts have been settled in full or when you have settled everything.

Debt Review(debt counseling) removal is a trusted body who is affiliated with many different professionals with legal experts and experience in the credit clearing and Debt Review industry. After years of undergoing Debt Review, and finally becoming debt-free, people often struggle with getting rid of the Debt Review flag on their credit profile.

Our Debt Review removal specialists will assess your financial position to determine if you qualify for early exit from debt review, with the information gather from you and your credit report. So if you’re no longer over-indebted as a result of a salary increment, or a promotion, or if your debt review status is adversely affecting your career path or economic freedom, Debt Review removal is just here for you! a lot of consumer are also not aware that even when a court order was obtained that you can still qualify for early termination of debt review provided that you have paid off some accounts and you only left with long term debt such as a home loan our associates legal experts will advice of the best method to remove you from debt review depending on your own individual circumstances.  

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