We have discovered that there is a growing need for services to withdraw debt review so we decided to focus in these niche market, we are also accredited and have extensive experience in this profession witch makes the process of removing you even more quicker and simpler.Many consumers are not aware that being placed under debt review will affect their credit record negatively, Our services will help restore your credit record back to normal again many of our customers say they are satisfied with us and that is because we have seen this as an opportunity to rehabilitate and educate our clients onto a path of Creditworthiness.

 About our services


We are specialists in: 

- Cancellation of Debt Review with or without a court order 

- Debt Mediation, Negotiation and Settlement

- Rescission of Magistrate Court Judgments 

- Rescission of High Court Judgments 

- Rescission of Administration Orders 

- Removal of trace alert listings

- Removal of default listings 


Services we specialize in

Credit Repair, National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act, administration, consumer rights, consumer law, consumer complaints