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If you are one of the many consumers who are urgently looking for short term loans, home loans or car finance but  you find yourself under unfortunate circumstance of being placed under debt review in south Africa, it is best to first consider all of the options available to you to resolve you current challenges, if not you can be assisted by removing debt review flag if you are no longer over indebted, then once cleared you can go to any creditor to obtain a home loan or payday loan, however you must be advised that doing so will leave you vulnerable to legal action from creditors and banks. 

Consumers are experiencing tough economic times in South Africa. With high cost of leaving. soaring food prices, electricity tariff hikes, petrol price increases, and so many more, it’s no surprise that there is a need for consolidation loans even when clients are under debt review or administration,  unfortunately for customers under debt review or even blacklisted people this cannot be the case as the law strictly forbids creditors from issuing loans to customers while under debt review or debt counseling.

According to the National Credit Act (NCA),loans cannot be issued for people who are placed under debt review. This includes home loans and car finances. If a bank grants a person cash loan while they are undergoing debt counselling, this makes them guilty of reckless lending.

If you are undergoing debt counselling/debt review, this means that you are already over-indebted and can’t afford to repay your current debts, however if you feel that you are no longer over-indebted you can contact us. The process starts with a letter from your side giving us permission and confirming that you would like debt counseling or debt review flag to be cleared from credit bureau records, the process can be done both online or face to face. assessment will be made of your money situation to provide us an overview of your finances to ascertain if you qualify to withdraw from Debt Review before a clearance certificate is issued, with cancellation of your debt review, there are certain implications that you would need to be aware of before you can begin the process. Please note that you must be certain that you want to withdraw your debt review commitment, since your protection from creditors will be no more.

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